Jingle: "I'm just a wondering Ham-poet."

Jingle (トンガリくん, Tongari-kun) is a song-writing hamster. He is barely seen without his guitar and is usually seen playing music. Although he is part of the Ham-Ham Gang he doesn't seem to be present at their adventures. But he can give advice that pops out of nowhere and confuses Hamtaro.

Personality EditEdit

Jingle is a music loving hamster and a self-proclaimed "Ham-poet". He is a very quiet and peaceful hamster. Although he is in the Ham-Ham Gang, he doesn't seem to go in their adventures but usually in the end of the episode he gives Hamtaro odd advice that usually confuses him. However Jingle is not a member to appear in every episode.

He doesn't seem to have a special relationship with any hamster, either. He has a tendency to forget Hamtaro's name as well, calling him things like "Hambozo" or "Hamtaco". Though in one Japanese episode "Setting Off, Spring's Wind!" he gets Hamatro's name right. Hamtaro is, of course, very surprised.

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