(The episode begins where we last left off two episodes)

Narrator: Last time... Our heroes Pokemon continue on their journey along with the 12 Ham-hams surviving dangerous animals in this world. An adventure with all the Pokemon in training in the new gym which is the P.E. outside the school. Pokemon met Bijou a ham ham who really likes blue ribbons and she's white. Joined by the 13 Ham-hams Pikachu and the other Pokemon continued on their journey and as they left the candy on somebody's backyard. They'd continued on as they find themselves a Ham-ham which is Sandy's twin brother on the new adventure. (We cut to the theme song of Pokemon and Hamtaro)

(Pokemon and Hamtaro Theme Song Begins in Stop-Motion of a video game from Poke-Park)

It's always hard when your journey begins!

Hard to find your way hard to make new friends!

But there's nothing you can't do 'Cause you got the power inside of you!

It's not always Haaaaamtaaaarooooo but your heart always knows whats right!

It's not about win or lose it's a path you choose! Let the journey begin...!!!


Title: "POKEMON AND HAMTARO" (We cut to the unova region poke-dex as it zooms in to the title screen which is episode 6)

Sandy: (Off screen) "Stan and the Pokemon!" (We cut to Hillary and Noel's house as the Narrator continues speaking up while panning over to Sandy and Stan inside the cage)

Narrator: This is Stan. Sandy's Twin Brother that she found a long time ago ever since they little hamsters. They're owners are here inside this house who names are Hillary and Noel. And for that Sandy told her brother about the Pokemon coming here to this world.

Stan: Sandy, First of all who are the Pokemon that come to this world exactly?

Sandy: They came from the regions from out of nowhere and they didn't even know who they're trainers are. So we Ham-hams are their trainers now. I bet you can meet them back at our new clubhouse, Stan.

Stan: Hmmm you know they sound pretty cool once you get to know them huh? So my sister Sandy how did you and the Pokemon first meet?

Sandy: Well Panda, Maxwell, Cappy and I first met them at grass fields and while in the clubhouse we were very loud and Pokemon kept on using their attacks and powers and Boss made us leave but then all of a sudden those evil humans which they called themselves Team Rocket who steals us Ham-hams and Pokemon together so we decided we work together as a team.

Stan: That's a great story. But one thing. Who's Team Rocket?

Sandy: The bad guys. One of them is a talking Pokemon who is a normal type.

Stan: Say sis, isn't it time when I get to meet the Pokemon? I bet if I show them the maracas they'll want to stay side by side with the Ham-hams. Shake it! (Shakes his Maracas)

Sandy: Meet the Pokemon at our clubhouse? You bet. Come on Stan let's go to the clubhouse together. (We cut to the Pokemon and 12 Ham-hams at the Pokemon and Ham-ham Clubhouse waiting for Sandy to arrive with his brother Stan on her side)

Hamtaro: Sandy can't wait for Stan to meet up with all the Pokemon I bet he'll love it when we could be new trainers to him.

Pikachu: Pikaaaaaah!

Bijou: We can't wait to see Sandy's Twin Brother again. We'll be one big ham and friends again.

Pikachu: Pika pika.

Chikorita: Chikaaah!

Cyndaquil: Cyndaquil!

Totodile: Totodile!

Marill: Marill!

Poliwag: Poli-wag!

Goldeen: Goldeen!

Vulpix: Vul-pix!

Geodude: Geodude!

Psyduck: Psyduck! 

Squirtle: Squirtle!

Charmander: Charmander char char!

Bulbasaur: Bulbasaur bulba!

Eevee: Eevee!

Venonet: Venonet!

Pidgeotto: Pidgeoaaaaaaaah!

Noctowl: Fowwwwwwwwwl!

Dexter: I still say they're saying their names to us Ham-hams.

Howdy: How do we get all these Pokemon to meet us hamsters and field hamsters?

Pashmina: Maybe a clubhouse just for the Pokemon and Hamsters together isn't such a bad idea.

Penelope: Ookyoo!

Maxwell: They will be coming right about now I think.

Cappy: Sandy and Stan are coming!

Panda: Stan will be glad once he sees all the Pokemon.

Oxnard: Oh goody. That's what I was going to think about. (Then Sandy and Stan comes in the Pokemon and Ham-ham Clubhouse and all the Pokemon shouted out their names happily waving to them)

Sandy: Hamha gang!

Hamtaro: Sandy you're here. And you've brought along Stan with you.

Stan: Save it for the applause.

Togepi: Toge-pi!

Boss: Hey Stan. You made it in time just like always.

Stan: It's good to see you again too ey, Bossman?

Pikachu: Pika pika pika!

Oshawott: Oshawott!

Tepig: Te-pig!

Snivy: Sni-vy!

Axew: Axew ew!

Emolga: Emol!

Pansage: Pansage!

Scraggy: Scraggy!

Unfezant: Un-fezant!

Piplup: Pip Pip Piplup!

Chimchar: Chimchar!

Turtwig: Twig turtwig!

Buneary: Buneary!

Pachirisu: Pa-chi-ri-paaah!

Buizel: Bui bui bui!

Croakgunk: Croagunk!

Aipom: Ai-pom!

Bonsly: Bon-sly!

Swinub: Swinub!

Stan: (Comes toward the Pokemon) What's all this?

Bijou: (To Stan) They're Pokemon. Hamtaro met them when they have been attack by a Ferocious Cat.

Oxnard: I met the Pokemon they're from other regions like Kanto, Johto, Hoehn, Shinnoh and Unova.

Sandy: Didn't I tell ya you meet the Pokemon, Stan?

Stan: That's funny. Pokemon from other regions. Kanto, Johto, Hoehn, Shinnoh and Unova. Now this is getting really strange having them along with us ham dudes and dudets.

Treecko: Treeeeecko!

Torchic: Torchic chic chic chic torchic.

Mudkip: Mudkip mud mud mud mudkip!

Corphish: Cor cor corphish!

Lotad: Lotad tad tad lotad!

Skitty: Meow meow meow meow meow!

Swallow: Swallow!

Pikachu: Pika Pika-chu!

Hamtaro: They said it's good to meet you too, Stan.

Stan: So you Hams can translate to the Pokemon of what they're saying?

Boss: Of course. But one Pokemon just talked. I'm not sure who that Meowth guy is. He can sure be a pain in the neck.

Cappy: So where are we going this time on our new adventures?

Penelope: Ookyoo!

Pashmina: Let the Pokemon decide where to go.

Pikachu: Pika-chu pika pika pika pi pi pika-chu. Chu chu chu! Pika pika!

Bijou: What did he say, Hamtaro?

Hamtaro: Pikachu says we should go down to the beach. Laura and her family said that they would go there today except when Hamsters can't swim in the ocean.

Bijou: But I know. They'll be a lot of mermaids there.

Dexter: Crabs and a lot of seashells on the sand here.

Howdy: I've never been on the beach looking at seashells.

Stan: The beach. Wow. To the ocean we go.

Sandy: Yep. We would like go there and find more water Pokemon there that these Pokemon are talking about and meet them so that they can be our trainers.

Oxnard: I heard they'll be treasures to be found under the sand this time.

Hamtaro: What are we waiting for?!

Boss: Ham-hams, Pokemon, let's all go to the beach! (All the Pokemon shouted out their names in excitement as they go out of the clubhouse and so did the ham-hams as they run out saying "Ba da ba da ba da". As we cut to Laura's house outside Marian and Forrest packed their picnic stuff for the beach while near the car and Laura just standing there waiting for Kana to arrive)

Laura: It's too bad Hamtaro couldn't come with us to the beach. I bet if I make him stay here much longer if the other hamsters can't go near the ocean water.

Kana: (Arrived along side Laura) Hi Laura. So are we ready to go to the beach today?

Laura: Sure, Kana. Everything's all packed and ready to go.

Marian: Hey girls. Could you please help us get everything ready for the beach today?

Cindy: Yeah these picnic foods a lot of work to be done around here.

Laura: Sure thing mom.

Kana: Yeah we'll do it for you. (Laura and Kana help their moms as they do so)

Forrest: Like when do we become a swell family by going to the beach together that's find by me.

Conrad: Oh yes. It's very nice to have a sunny day while getting a bathin suit on a hot summer day.

Kana: Oh dad. (Then All the Pokemon and the 14 Ham-hams sneaked into the car while getting inside the trunk of it next to the picnic baskets and all the beach stuff)

Hamtaro: Just like the old days sneaking up on Haruna's car ey Ham-hams?

Penelope: Ookyoo!

Dexter: We've got the Pokemon to go to the beach to and we're ready to head out.

Howdy: I can't wait to go to the beach again the second time. You know what I'm saying?

Pashmina: Just remember not to get wet near the ocean or anything.

Maxwell: Yeah, hamsters can't swim. nether does the Pokemon.

Panda: Except for water Pokemon. They're excellent swimmers!

Cappy: I bet they can swim 200 miles per hour on water.

Squirtle: Squirtle!

Piplup: Piplup Piplup!

Corphish: Corphish corphish cor!

Goldeen: Goldeen!

Poliwag: Poli!

Oshawott: Oshawott osha osha oshawott!

Buizel: Bui bui.

Marill: Marill mari.

Pikachu: Pika pika. Pika-chu!

Mudkip: Mudkip mud!

Totodile: Totodile!

Stan: I hear ya Pokemon. I didn't even know your names while you translate.

Sandy: Oh Stan. They always can't talk once they translate.

Bonsly: (Afraid) Bonnnnnnnnnnnslllllllllly!!!

Bijou: Some Pokemon is afraid of water.

Oxnard: Try telling that to Bonsly. He doesn't like water at all.

Lotad: Lo-tad!

Boss: Hide for cover someone might see us while we're here. (All the Pokemon and 14 Ham-hams hide behind the picnic baskets as Forrest Haruna closes the car trunk and he, Conrad and Cindy Iwata and Marian Haruna got in the car and so did Laura and Kana)

Forrest: There we go! All set and ready for take off. (He starts the car by putting the key through the keyhole through the car next he puts it in drive then the car goes on the street as it drives on toward the beach)

Laura: Bye Brandy! Tell you all about it when we get back. (She looks at the map of how to get to the beach) Here Kana. We can look through this map together.

Kana: Oh good. We can see many many places that we go too during that airport on this map. I'm going for a place called Florida.

Laura: I've got one. Indianda.

Marian: How about North and South America.

Conrad: I'm going for North and South Decota.

Forrest: Okay. Seaddle. (All the Pokemon and 14 Ham-hams peeked behind the trunk as the car moves to the right)

All 14 Ham-hams: Whooooooooooooooooooa!!

Kana: Laura, do you know how to swim now that I've taught you everything about swimming lessons.

Laura: I sure did, Kana. Thanks for asking.

Marian: Do you know where you're going to the beach, Forrest?

Laura: Yeah Dad. Besides I know how to swim at the beach. Shouldn't I go with Kana and all my friends so that we could swim together.

Forrest: Sure, Pumpkin. (The car moves to the left)

All 14 Ham-hams: Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!

Oxnard: I'm getting split!

Bijou: My curly pink tails are getting messed up!

Pikachu: Pika-chu! (The car parks as they are now near the beach)

All 14 Ham-hams: Whoa whoa whoa whoa! (The Harunas and the Iwatas got out of the car and Forrest opens the back car of the trunk)

Hamtaro: Uh-oh. Hide. (All the 14 Ham-hams and the Pokemon hide again as Forrest looks around for the picnic baskets and the umbrellas and beach chairs)

Forrest: Hmm. I know I have all of the stuff with me. I'm sure this is the second time we headed to the beach. (He picks up all the chairs and umbrellas and picnic baskets in each hand he carries. Then all the Pokemon and all 14 Ham-hams got out of the car) Huh? (He looks around for somebody but nobodies here) Could it be? (All the Pokemon and all 14 Ham-hams went under the car and Forrest closes the car trunk as he catches up with Marian and Laura and the Iwatas)

Pikachu: Pika?!

Hamtaro: Follow Pikachu and the Pokemon! (All the Pokemon leaded all the 14 Ham-hams toward the beach while running as the ham-hams saying "Ba da ba da ba da!" as the scene fades to black. Scene fades back to all 14 Ham-hams and the Pokemon who finally made it to the beach) We made it!

All 14 Ham-hams: Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!

Pashmina: Isn't the beach a beautiful day?

Howdy: I've never been there on a good day.

Stan: Say, I never known who will go to the beach the Pokemon and the Ham-hams working together as a team.

Sandy: Yeah like it's our first time with the Pokemon on the beach. Think of all the water Pokemon we can find and bring em to the clubhouse.

Cappy: Well maybe it might be the second time for everything.

Pikachu: Pika.

Charmander: Char.

Squirtle: Squirtle.

Bulbasaur: Bulbasaur!

Psyduck: Psy-duck.

Vulpix: Vul-pix.

Geodude: Geodude!

Goldeen: Goldeen.

Poliwag: Poli.

Pidgeotto: Pidgeoaaaaah!

Togepi: Toge-pi!

Eevee: Eeeeeveee. (All the Pokemon walked into the sand in a sandy beach but it was too hot and all the Pokemon did a funny dance while saying a translate "ouch" by shouting out their names)

Oxnard: I forgot how hot the sand was.

Bijou: Maybe a little too hot for their feet.

Pashmina: Boy, those Pokemon are such kids.

Penelope: Ookyoo!

Stan: You said it, Pashmina my gorgous. (Shakes his maracas)

Boss: Don't say that they'll hear what you said, Stan.

Maxwell: Well then shall we head for the waters. But try not to get too close to the water. Remember Hamsters can't swim and we're here to find the water Pokemon who swim around here.

Dexter: I agree with Max. This whole beach thing is filled with a ton of water in the ocean.

Howdy: Only humans get to swim with Water Pokemon you know what I'm saying do ya. (Laughs and chuckles)

Hamtaro: Come on! We better find a good spot!

Pikachu: Pika pika!

Panda: Yeah. Let's go! (All 14 Ham-hams and all the Pokemon runs toward the beach closer to the water but not toward near the water as the ham-hams say "Ba da ba da ba da ba da ba da ba da ba da". When they got there they found a deep hill of the sands and sees the ocean far away)

Cappy: Look at that you guys. It's the ocean.

Bijou: It's so big. And so wide. Is there any mermaids there we can see?

Sandy: Like that will be swell if we can just see just one.

Hamtaro: Come on, Pokemon! Last one in is a rotten egg!

Pikachu: Pikaaaaaaah! (He and all the Pokemon slide down the sand hill and so do the rest of the Ham-hams except for Dexter and Howdy)

Dexter: Howdy, remind me again if we could search for ground type Pokemon buried in the sand. That would impress Pashmina for something.

Howdy: Hey! Don't get to close to the water Ham-hams and try to be sure you'll find some water type Pokemon.

Hamtaro: Don't worry. We will. (All the Pokemon and 14 Ham-hams started to play together while running and cheering and laughing)

All 14 Ham-hams: Charge!!! (All small Pokemon except for flying type Pokemon started playing together while playing chase by saying their names excitedly. Then on the other side we see Hamtaro and Bijou playing together, Boss and Oxnard digging for treasure, Dexter and Howdy looking for ground type Pokemon, Pashmina and Penelope looking for water type Pokemon, Maxwell, Panda, Sandy and Stan searching a shell hat for Cappy and Cappy looking at seashells for hats to try on)

Hamtaro: (Thinks in his head) Now that I've got tons of water Pokemon to help me that hamsters can really swim. Besides a little water with a murkanty... (But before he says his finished sentence a exteremely big wave comes near Hamtaro as he screams and runs away in terror) WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! (He breathes deeply and Bijou sighs. Then we cut to The Harunas and The Iwatas who found a perfect sand spot to have a picnic on the beach while wearing trunks and bathing suits on)

Laura: I don't understand. Do I really know how to swim without this floaty?

Kana: Ohh you'll get used to it, Laura. No biggy.

Marian: I think it's about time we set up this picnic. While we're here on the beach.

Forrest: This might be a third time today.

Conrad: Make sure our daughters don't get lost in the storm again once last time they were lost and trapped in the cave.

Cindy: Say. Would you mind if we set up our umbrellas here on the table so we won't get wet during the rain?

Forrest: Sure. Whatever you say. Umbrellas can keep us dry and safe for getting our clothes wet. Ey?

Laura and Kana: (Smiled and giggled)

Laura: Hey, Kana. Wanna go swimming with all our friends waiting and then maybe go eat?

Kana: Okay. We'll just make sure you know who shows up. Like Pokemon.

Laura: Alrighty then we're off swimming.

Kana: Let's go. (She and Laura went off to go swimming in the ocean which is the water. Then we cut back to the 14 Ham-hams and the Pokemon)

Sandile: (Comes out of the sand and saw all 14 Ham-hams and the Pokemon) Sand! Sandile!

Excadrill: (Comes out of the sand and saw all 14 Ham-hams and the Pokemon) Exca-drill!

Seel: (Hops up toward the Pokemon) Seel!

Corsola: (Crawls over toward the Pokemon) Corsola! Corsola!

Pikachu: Pika pika-chu. Pika pika pika pika! (Shows the other Pokemon the 14 Ham-hams they've met)

Hamtaro: Sandile, Seel, Corsola and Excadrill. Those are 4 Pokemon we've found while on the beach. How would you like to join us back at the clubhouse together?

Sandile: Sandile! (Puts on his sunglasses)

Axew: Axew! Axew ew ew Axew!

Oshawott: Oshawott!

Tepig: Tepig!

Snivy: Vy vy vy Sni-vy!

Emolga: Emol!

Pansage: Pansage!

Scraggy: Scrag scrag scrag scraggy!

Unfezant: Unfezant!

Dwebble: Dweb dweb dwebble!

Pikachu: Pika-chu!

Boss: Now what are they saying, Hamtaro?

Hamtaro: They said they'll be glad to join their club! So they decided to join in for a little training.

Stan: Why didn't they say something when they say their names all of the sudden?

Bijou: But I know. It's because of Water and Ground type Pokemon.

Oxnard: I don't understand they're kind of language.

Sandy: Say. How's about we take our Pokemon on the side of that mountain on the rocks. That's where the trash is I suppose.

Pashmina: Don't tell me we're not going near that trash to get our fur dirty and muddy would we?

Penelope: Ookyoo!

Cappy: I can still see some wearing hats that I can try on.

Sandile: Sandile!

Corsola: Corsola!

Excadrill: Excadriil!

Oshawott: Oshawott!

Scraggy: Scraggy!

Pansage: Pansage!

Emolga: Emol!

Tepig: Te-pig!

Snivy: Sni-vy!

Unfezant: Un-fezant!

Axew: Ew ew Axew!

Dwebble: Dwebble!

Pikachu: Pika pika! Pika-chu!

Togepi: Toge-piiiiii!

Hamtaro: You heard the Pokemon Hams. Let's go! (All the Pokemon and 14 Ham-hams went off running toward the mountain where the rocks are as the ham-hams say "Ba da ba da ba da ba da ba da ba da". We pan over to Laura, Kana, June, Kylie and Maria on the other side of the water as they swim toward the mountain filled with rocks)

Laura: Now here's a good place for us to swim.

Kana: Last time Laura and I got stuck inside a cave until a hat came to life and follows Mr. Haruna.

Laura: Then my dad saved us just in time.

Kylie: So that's the story before it started raining huh?

June: Don't worry. We'll get you two for swim as long as you don't have to take another lesson about swimming.

Maria: Try splashing with your hands then kick your feet up and down like so.

Laura: Oh I get it now. Alright then. I'll try my best. (Then the Pokemon and all 14 Ham-hams peeked from the mountains filled with rocks and saw five girls who are humans having a swimming race by kicking their feets up and down and splashing with their hands)

Poliwag: Poli!

Goldeen: Goldeen.

Geodude: Geo!

Venonet: Venonet!

Bulbasaur: Bulbasaur!

Squirtle: Squirtle squirtle squirt.

Charmander: Charmander char.

Pikachu: Pika-chu!

Psyduck: Psy-duck.

Vulpix: Vullllll.

Togepi: Toge toge. Toge-pi!

Pidgeotto: Pidgeoaaah.

Dexter: I don't get it. How come Maria, June and Kylie are here with Kana and Laura?

Hamtaro: I don't mind if I can let the Pokemon could join the girls. They don't mind trying it out.

Maxwell: You're crazy. Ground, Fire and Rock type Pokemon can't swim remember!?

Pashmina: He's right. Pokemon are such kids!

Penelope: Ookyoo.

Hamtaro: (Groans) I guess you're right.

Charmander: Char charmander.

Geodude: Geodude!

Sandile: Sandile!

Cyndaquil: Cyndaquil!

Torchic: Torchic chic chic chic!

Chimchar: Chimchar!

Pikachu: Pika! Pika pika!

Cappy: (Looks through the trash) Wow! Look! Something or someone threw this shell away to try on that hat on my head. Ohh and some things the Pokemon can try on. Look at it! (Suddenly dark cloud appear as it cover up the blue sky)

Oxnard: [Hif hif hif. Hif hif hif hif. Hif hif hif.] Do you guys sniff rain coming or am I losing it? (All the 13 Ham-hams sniff out their noses at the dark clouds while saying "Hif-Hif" and a rain drop falls down)

Hamtaro and Maxwell: Daah!

Maxwell: Rain drop!  (Another rain drop fall down)

Hamtaro: It's a storm!! (Plently of rain drops fall down)

Oxnard: Where's the Pokemon grow up!? (All 13 Ham-hams ran around to find shelter but Cappy got a hat to make them hide for cover)

Maxwell: Quick! Pokemon follow us ham-hams and hide for cover! (All the 14 Ham-hams and the Pokemon hide for cover by taking shelter from the rain as it starts to poor down and the weather is now raining as we hear thunder booming and crashing)

Pashmina: Fire, Rock and Ground type Pokemon don't like the rain when we take shelter.

Penelope: Ookyoo!

Sandy: Like this is the end of this sunny weather!

Stan: I never knew this would be too good to be true.

Bijou: I'm scared!

Boss: Don't worry, Bijou. I'll protect you. No rain could ever harm you.

Bijou: Oh Boss. You're so brave! (Boss feels blushed of what Bijou said and fell down while feeling faint) Bon Juor. Boss?

Hamtaro: Ohh not this again.

Oxnard: He fainted again all because he is in love with Bijou.

Cappy: Wake up, Boss. Wake up!

Howdy: Is there something we said?

Dexter: How do we ever count him out again? (Scene fades to black. Scene cuts to Mr and Mrs. Haruna and Mr and Mrs. Iwata looking for the girls and the weather is still raining)

Marian: Laura!

Forrest: Laura!

Conrad: Kana!

Cindy: Kana!

Marian: Where can those girls be now?

Forrest: Hope they don't get into any too much trouble inside a cave again like last time. (Then Travis came by to the Harunas and the Iwatas)

Travis: Mr and Mrs. Haruna. Hey.

Marian: Travis hey. I was hoping you would come to the beach.

Travis: Have you seen, Laura? I've been looking for her from this bad weather. It's really raining out here.

Forrest: I think maybe it's the time once again we split up and find the girls.

Travis: I'll go find them near the rocky mountain.

Conrad: Great. Let's go! (They split up to go find Laura and Kana as Travis went to the cave then we cut to Laura, Kana, June, Kylie and Maria running out of the water)

Laura: This way!

Maria: I'm getting soaked!

Kylie: Wait for me!

June: Don't leave without us!

Kana: Over here! (All the five girls went inside the cave which is really dark and scary)

Laura: Let's wait for the storm inside here. (Then we cut to the Pokemon and the 14 Ham-hams inside Laura's hat)

Hamtaro: Poor Laura. When will this rain ever stop pooring down outside?

Pikachu: Pika-chu.

Bijou: If Maria gets soak and wet and mess up her hair then her life is ruined.

Piplup: Piplup Piplup!

Axew: Axew.

Scraggy: Scraggy.

Pansage: Pansage.

Oshawott: (Worried) Oshawott.

Tepig: (Worried) Te-pig.

Snivy: Snivy snivy snivy.

Emolga: Emol.

Sandile: Sand sand sandile!

Hamtaro: Huh what is it, Sandile?

Sandile: Sandile! Sand sand.

Hamtaro: You've got an idea?

Sandile: Sandile! Sand sand sand sandile dile sandile.

Pashmina: What is he saying, Hamtaro?

Penelope: Ookyoo.

Hamtaro: Sandile says he has a plan. I bet if Laura's friend Travis would find the girls then he'll come looking for them inside a cave.

Corsola: Corsola Corsola!

Seel: Seel seel!

Excadrill: Drill.

Boss: Okay hams. Let's go get Travis.

Hamtaro: Follow Sandile!

Sandile: Sandile! (He leads all the Pokemon and 14 Ham-hams all the way back to the sandy beach spot where Travis is along with the Harunas and the Iwatas are since they'd split up looking for the girls)

Travis: Laura! Kana! Girls! Where are you!!? (Then he saw something moving) Huh? (He saw a Laura's Hat moving from underneath) That's Laura's Hat. Ohhh. I wonder what's it doing out here. That's werid. I must be seeing things.

Pikachu: Pika pi! Pika-chu!

Sandile: Sandile!

Travis: Huh? The Pokemon.

Treecko: Treecko treecko.

Mudkip: Mudkip mud!

Torchic: Torchic tor!

Corphish: Cor cor corphish!

Skitty: Meow meow meow.

Munchlax: Munchlax!

Bonsly: Bonsly!

Swallow: Swallow!

Travis: I think they're trying to show me something. Maybe if I follow them I'll get to see who's up the rocky mountains. (He started to followed the Pokemon and all 14 Ham-hams underneath Laura's hat as they began to run being followed by him)

Oxnard: I'm not sure if he can catch up to us.

Dexter: Quit your shoving!

Howdy: You're the one being shoveled all of a sudden!

Boss: Keep it up Pokemon that's it run for all of your might! Hup two hup two ya ya!

Maxwell: Somebody better look back there if he's about to catch up to us.

Penelope: (Looks back and saw Travis Catching up) Ookyoo!!

Cappy: He's running alright! Just keep running or he'll squash us!

Hamtaro: Keep it up guys! We have to get to Laura so that we can get them out in time! (The Pokemon and all 14 Ham-hams underneath Laura's Hat do so as they made it back to the Rocky Mountains. The Thunder crashes as the girls got scared and the waves crash in)

Kylie and June: Help!

Laura: When will this storm ever stop!?

Kana: I don't know. It's ruining our summer every day.

Maria: If only somebody could save us all from inside the dark cave. (The 14 Ham-hams and the Pokemon stopped from which they we're as Travis looked around for somebody)

Travis: That's funny. I think I saw... Huh? (Sees Laura, Kana, June, Kylie and Maria) Laura! Kana! Girls!

Laura: (Gasps happily) Travis!

Travis: (Laughs happily and runs up to the girls) My friends!

Laura and Kana: Travis!

Kylie and June: Travis!

Maria: You've found us! (They both hugged each other as the weather stopped raining and pooring and the wind stopped blowing and all the Pokemon and the 14 Ham-hams are very tired of running as they come out of Laura's Hat)

Hamtaro: Another close call for us Ham-hams and the Pokemon.

Panda: Yeah. I can run much longer for now.

Bijou: I'm a tired little ham-ham.

Pikachu: Pika-chu.

Oxnard: Huh? (Sees something in the sky) Look everybody!

All 14 Ham-hams: Huh? (They and the Pokemon came out of Laura's Hat and looked in the sky and saw the that the black cloud disappeared by fading away and the sky clear and the sun comes out) Wooooooooooow!!! (All the Pokemon say their names as they looked in the sky seeing the sun shining brightly toward them. Scene fades to white. The scene cuts to the beach spot where Travis found Laura, Kana, June, Kylie and Maria and The Harunas and the Iwatas are really worried while the Pokemon and the 14 Ham-hams are hiding inside the basket again)

Marian: So you've found the girls all by yourself ey, Travis?

Travis: They we're inside the cave which is really dark all this time.

Forrest: Hope they didn't get into any too much trouble at a place like this.

Laura, Kana, June, Kylie and Maria: We're sorry. (Giggles. All the Pokemon and the 14 Ham-hams came out of the basket and giggles but then Laura saw a rainbow on a sunny day)

Laura: Look you guys! A Rainbow!

June: Wow a rainbow! Guess weathers does change after all.

Kylie: Yeah. Isn't it beautiful?

Kana: Beautiful and colorful.

Maria: Cool colors.

Hamtaro: Pokemon, have you ever seen a rainbow before?

Pikachu: Pika pika.

Axew: Axew!

Oshawott: Oshawott!

Tepig: Te te pig!

Snivy: Snivy snivy snivy.

Scraggy: Scraggy.

Pansage: Pansage.

Emloga: Emol-ga!

Sandile: San-dile!

Unfezant: Unfezant!

Dwebble: Dwebble!

Bijou: I've seen this rainbow before when I get the colors back.

Sandy: So you see, Stan. It's fun having the Pokemon on our new adventures.

Stan: I'll never forget the day that Pokemon will be joining us at the clubhouse.

Penelope: Ookyoo. (All 14 Ham-hams sighs)

Hamtaro: I just love happy endings. (Scene fades to black then we blink to the Harunas and the Iwatas and all the Pokemon and the 14 Ham-hams heading back to home as the Narrator speaks)

Narrator: Finally. Our heroes Pokemon and the 14 Ham-hams return back home and into the clubhouse. But first the ham-hams wanted to train the Pokemon and faced fears against dangerous animals including the real life ferocious cats. And as they headed back to the Ham-ham Clubhouse they continued their new adventures along with the Pokemon. But what will become the Pokemon and the Ham-hams working together as a team? You don't want to miss the next adventures on the next Pokemon and Hamtaro.

To Be Continued...